Loving Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit

I’m not really a chocoholic but I know when to appreciate good chocolates. Our boss just came back from Singapore and she was nice enough to give us Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit as pasalubong. One bite and I was hooked. The combination of high quality milk chocolate, confectioner cream, and crunchy biscuits was a winner in my book.

Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit in 300g pack

It was my first time to try this brand and I didn’t know if it was available locally. After a little research, I found out that it’s a Swiss chocolate made from pure Alpine milk. It’s also one of the leading chocolate brands in Europe (it’s birth year is 1901!) and is produced by Kraft Foods today. It’s no wonder it tastes a lot like Cadbury. Even the packaging is quite similar as you can see in the color. What distinguishes it though is the unique lilac-colored cow.

what’s inside

Have you tried Milka Choco-Swing biscuit yet? I heard it comes in other specialty forms (bars, bars with fillings, etc.). I hope to get more of these chocolate goodies when I get the chance to check out some Duty Free shops next month. 🙂

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