A Job, Finally!

Remember my younger sister who’s looking for a job? She’s finally gotten one. It’s not a glamorous job that pays well, but it’s decent enough for a starter like her. We advised her to accept the job offer to gain work experience before looking for a more financially-rewarding job and she listened to us.

Now that I have two siblings working already, I guess the “breadwinner” title (which led to the creation of this blog) doesn’t suit me anymore. But I’m just so happy that finally, my siblings can now stand on their own feet and are now capable of helping provide for the needs of our family, particularly in sending our bunso (youngest sibling) to school. She’s currently a 3rd year college student and hopefully, two years from now, she’ll be just like us, working and earning a living.

Okay, I guess I better stop writing right here lest I get carried away and be melodramatic. Like what I always do when I’m talking about my family and the many hardships that we went thru before. Thank you God my sister is jobless no more! 🙂

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