Trying Times in the Philippines and How To Help

Recently, the Philippines, specifically the Visayas, has been a victim of two major calamities. Last October 15th, Bohol and Cebu were hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed hundreds of people and destroyed billions’ worth of livelihood, properties and infrastructures. Just last Friday, a super typhoon named Yolanda washed out several parts of Leyte, Samar and Palawan which left thousands of people dead and livelihood, properties and infrastructures ruined as well.

Watching TV these days is just plain depressing. It’s like my heart is breaking into pieces every time I see footages of the devastation in the Visayas, the gloomy expressions on the faces of the survivors there. So terrible. Even the hubby has the same sentiments over this. He can’t stand watching the news for long without saying a sad phrase or two.

In trying times like this, I can only pray for the victims and lend a helping hand based on my capacity at present. Small efforts like donating cash, clothing or food can go a long way in providing temporary relief to our affected countrymen in the Visayas. I’ve sent help in Bohol a few weeks ago through an officemate who has a social worker contact in his hometown there. I wouldn’t hesitate to help again through any of the organizations doing work in Leyte, Samar or Palawan this time.

I know doing help for others shouldn’t be announced, but I’m telling you this not to boast but to appeal to you to help, too. I believe it’s our duty as citizens of this nation, of this world. Besides, helping people will make you feel good inside. And if you believe in good karma, then the more you have to give help.

If you want ideas on how you can help, these are some of the information I gathered via Instagram through my @edelweiss_19 account:

for those who want to help using their load credits (this I think is the easiest to do!)

for those who want to give in-kind donations

another way to give in-kind donations

for those who want to give cash/check/wire transfer donations

another way to give cash donations

for people based in foreign countries who would like to help

If you have the means to help, I urge you to act now and act fast. Your help is very much needed in this time of great need. May God bless the Philippines! May God bless your kind hearts!

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