Weekend Story: Malling and Some Good Finds

While we were able to go home in Bacoor last weekend, we were not able to maximize our stay there. Our weekend was mostly spent malling. The hubby and I both had things to buy and we were happy we found them after visiting two different malls (SM Southmall and Alabang Town Center). Haha.

On Saturday morning, we drove our parents to Naic, Cavite where my family (including the hubby and I) is spending Christmas together. We then headed straight to Bacoor after. By 5:00 p.m., we braved the traffic and went to SM Southmall. My only mission was to go to Uniqlo and buy a pair of pants in my size and preferred color. I’ve been to two Uniqlo branches before this trip and didn’t find what I was looking for. I got lucky this time because it’s available at Uniqlo SM Southmall!


the two newest members of my modest office wear arsenal!

My blogger friend Jerellt has been raving about Uniqlo (she and her husband are avid Uniqlo customers!) and now I understand why. I have many good things to say about my Uniqlo ankle-length chino pants but I think I’ll just write a separate post about it.

The hubby, on the other hand, was buying a new sling bag. He already knew the brand and the style. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it at SM Southmall. But he would get lucky at Alabang Town Center (ATC) the next day.

Our dinner was at the food court where I ate Tapsilog at Tapsi Plus while the hubby polished off a plate of Binalot Pork Adobo. We also shared a big, hot bowl of Original La Paz Batchoy from Ilonggo Grill.

happiness in a bowl!

Just like what we normally do when malling, the hubby and I went our separate ways to window shop. He visited his fave Cyber Zone (as usual) while I did some grocery shopping. I came across this Coco Royal drink (a product of Thailand) and bought one just because I liked the cute bottle and got curious about the taste of basil seeds.


Okay naman, lasang sago’t gulaman sya na fruity. Haha. Basta, masarap sya! Not bad for P29.50 a bottle.

We reached home at past 10pm. I got lucky again because Brother Bo Sanchez was the guest of Boy Abunda in his The Bottomline show at Kapamilya network. I finished watching it and enjoyed listening to Brother Bo as he shared his thoughts about love, wealth, God, and his growing ministry.


Our Sunday started early. After hearing the morning mass at the chapel inside Fernbrook Gardens in Las PiƱas, we headed to ATC for lunch and some malling time.

First thing was lunch at McDonalds where we both had burgers, twister fries, soda and soft-serve ice cream. Cheat day Sunday!

my food

After checking out three stores, the hubby finally found his sling bag of choice at Toby’s Sports.


While strolling the mall, I passed by Broadway Gems and remembered I wanted to buy this hair clip that curls the lower part of a girl’s hair. I went inside the shop and asked the saleslady about it. I just described it to her and she understood easily. She presented me with the hair clips in various colors and I chose this one:


When we got home, I immediately wore the hair clip.


After two hours, this was how my hair looked:


Nice, right? The longer the time you wear it, the curlier your hair will be. It was an office colleague who told me about this hair clip and I was surprised to find out it can be bought for just P24.75! I plan to wear the hair clip in the morning at work and remove it in the afternoon for a nice, curly effect to my hair.

We drove back to Manila that Sunday also because we needed to see a family friend who’s departing for New York that night. We just greeted each other a Merry Christmas and she handed us our Christmas gifts and that’s it.

Another happy weekend to remember! Now, it’s back to work.

How did your weekend go, friends? I’d love to hear your story! :)

May you choose happiness always,
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12 Responses to Weekend Story: Malling and Some Good Finds

  1. jErELLt says:

    Yey for Uniqlo! Si Hubby, ayaw na bumili ng pants at polo shirts sa iba, puro Uniqlo na. :p Uyy, I remember that hair thingy. Uso ‘yan nung elementary ako (or tayo). Laging may ganyan hair ko tuwing papasok para hindi sabog ang hair ko. :)

    Merry Christmas! :)


    • lifein says:

      I love Uniqlo na talaga! Kakatuwa kasi yung boss ko ang gift samin lahat ng mga officemates ko Uniqlo din. Kaya may isa na akong long sleeve top na Uniqlo. Iipunin ko ang SMAC points ko para pambili dyan.

      Merry Christmas din sis!

      P.S. Waaaah, elementary pa pala uso yang hair clip? Ba’t ngayon ko lang alam? :)

  2. Jen says:

    I have heard a lot of good reviews about their pants.. Ma try nga! hehe.. Ang shala naman hair ni Madam Edel, hehe san nakakabili nyan? Feeling ko bagay sakin yan eh =) hahahaha

  3. lifein says:

    Sa Broadway Gems for only P24.75! The hair clip, not the hair. LOL. Oo try mo yung pants nila ang gaganda, high quality and reasonably-priced pa!

    Merry Christmas, Jen! :)

  4. I also love Uniqlo! Kay Jerellt ko din nalaman. Perfect length for us vertically challenged girls. :) And I love that hair clip. Bibili din ako nyan. Kaso maiksi pa ata hair ko.

    • lifein says:

      Pahabain mo muna konti pa hair mo para mas malaking portion ang makulot. Mas bongga yun. Oo nga daw yung cropped pants swak sa inyo. Hehe. Natuwa lang talaga ako kasi ganda ng quality saka hindi sya ganon kamahal! :)

  5. Mary Joy says:

    PArang curlformers ba yan? ang ganda a! bilang walang time mag kulot ng hair, ayos na ayos yan! haven’t tried buying stuff sa uniqlo, pero curious din ako sa mga shirts ang pants nila. Ako naman kasi, kahit anong brand basta magustuhan ko at reasonable ang price binibili ko lang e, kaya di kami nakaka pasyal dyan sa store.

    • lifein says:

      Matutuwa ka Joy sa Uniqlo. Maganda ang quality pero di singmahal ng iba. Hindi rin ako palabili ng sobrang mahal eh. Hindi praktikal. Unless gagawin ko syang wardrobe investment. Hehe. Uy curlformers pala tawag sa hair clip ko? Parang made in China sya (dahil dun sa sulat sa label) pero okay eh nakakaganda ng hair.:)

  6. Grace says:

    Ang cute ng hair clip mo ms. edel, ang galing ng curly result pagkatpos ng clip :)

  7. Zigrid says:

    wow!!! i badly needed that hair clip, i wish i can find it here. nice post :)

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