Goal No. 2: Dress Up More Often

When it comes to fashion, I’m anything but outdated. I get to know the latest trends by reading fashion magazines and blogs and by checking out what local celebrities are wearing on TV. Other than that, I know nothing more about fashion and dressing up.

my office outfit one random weekday

Speaking of dressing up, I have decided that this 2011, I would dress up more often both at work and when going out. This goal will allow me to achieve four things: 1) wear the many new items in my closet that are starting to accumulate dust, 2) be more confident about my body, 3) develop my personal style and unleash the ‘fashionista’ in me 4) please the boyfriend, my family, my friends and myself.

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A New Beauty Regimen

It’s been a week since I reunited with a facial product I have used before but discontinued using just because I was too lazy taking care of my face. But the new year has come and so has my drive. I dunno with you but each new year never fails to give me motivation, inspiration and new perspectives. Actually, when new year arrived, I didn’t say any resolutions and instead, I set some goals. Only realistic goals, though. I didn’t want to get disappointed with myself and the world.

Aside from losing weight, I also decided to take care of my skin. I started with my face because I felt it should be prioritized since this is the first to be seen when I deal with various people at home, at work and even online.

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Goal No. 1: Lose Weight!

I want to start the year right. Topping my 2011 goals is losing weight. Unlike others who have only gained a few pounds after the holidays, I welcomed 2011 with 20 unwanted pounds. Yes, not just one or four but 20. Imagine that. I’m bordering on obesity and I’m very alarmed. I know in my heart I have to do something about it.

the chubby me, not a good sight methinks

I have started dieting last week. So far, I have already lost four pounds. Some may think it’s fast but fortunately for me, I have this way of losing weight that only my body can understand. Hopefully, I could go back to my ideal weight of 115 in the coming weeks.

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2011 Goals

When 2011 came, I’ve thought of several goals to achieve. For some reason, though, I couldn’t make a list of them. Instead, the goals pop up in my head one at a time. Somehow I knew it would take time before all goals get into my head so I decided to just post my goal one at a time as well. Does that even make sense to you? I hope it does. Haha.

But contrary to the usual goals that change people from a good to a better version of themselves, I thought it would be wise to keep the good things going and change the bad things at once or set it to a more controllable/manageable level.

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New Year, New Beginning

My family and I celebrated New Year’s Day in our Cavite home. It was our first time to do that and we were so happy and thankful. We are all optimistic about the new year. Our 2010 has been very fruitful and we hope that 2011 will be better.

I don’t have a list of New Year’s resolutions but there are a few things which I’d like to focus on this year. Primary among them is my weight. I need to lose weight because I’m already bordering on obesity. I mean, seriously. I’m at 140 lbs. now. I gained 20 unwanted pounds during the last three months, imagine that! I need to figure out how to lose these excess pounds lest I get paranoid and depressed and sickly all the time.

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Our Passport Application Experience at the DFA Courtesy Lane for Government Employees

UPDATE: Just learned from a reliable source that only parents, spouses and children of the government employee are entitled to use the Courtesy Lane. Siblings (brothers and sisters) are excluded and have to make an appointment just like what ordinary applicants do.

Last November, I was able to book plane tickets to an Asian city for the boyfriend fiancee and I. Our travel will be in October 2011, just in time for our seventh anniversary as a couple. Yes, our relationship is that old. Haha. But I digress.

For over a week, I got overly excited about our out-of-the-country trip next year and thought I should prepare all our travel requirements in advance. One of them was the passport. I realized I haven’t applied for one yet and panicked a bit. I immediately checked out the DFA website and booked for an appointment for the two of us. The date I chose was December 22 at 9:00 a.m. I arranged the necessary documents required for our passport application and waited for our schedule to arrive.

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