Patience is a Virtue

Just because it hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean you have to lose hope and give up on your dream. This is what I have been constantly telling myself the past few days. I’ve been waiting for something and right now I find ‘waiting’ a bit unbearable already. My family and friends say I should never surrender. A new friend tells me exactly the same thing. She’s been an inspiration and an encouraging force to me since Day 1.

It’s been a month since that fateful day. I was only armed with a pinch of confidence and an ounce of dogged determination. I was only strengthened by good intentions and a pure heart. In the beginning, I was a little nervous but eventually I took control of things. Or so I thought.

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The Joy and Meaning of Shopping

This is not to say that I’m turning into a big time shopaholic. I just want to share with you my shopping habit. While I have long been a frugal person, I also occasionally indulge in shopping either to reward myself for a hard day’s work or simply be happy over a cute but useful purchase. When you’re a disciplined shopper, the joy of shopping will never get replaced by headaches due to overspending or credit card debts that went beyond control.

I shopped twice last weekend and thought I got some great deals. One was in Baclaran and the other was at the Dept. Store of Robinsons Place Manila. I spent 500 bucks on the former and a little over a thousand on the latter. The two unplanned shopping trips made me happy, content and inspired. Yes, I got inspired because my purchases, which include a pair of flat shoes, four pairs of earrings, one ring, one belt, two tops, one dress and one blazer, will serve as part of my investment to achieve my second goal for 2011. When you shop for a purpose, shopping becomes meaningful.

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Goal No. 3: Watch 100 Movies this Year

I’ve been watching several movies (both old and new) in the past months. I didn’t know I’d enjoy it that much. Watching movies not only relaxes me, but it also broadens my horizons and makes me forget about my problems, albeit temporarily. I noticed that whenever I don’t have work at night, I’d choose from my list of ‘Movies to Watch’ and check if it’s available in my two favorite movie sites: and If that particular movie’s not available, I’d choose another title until I get to watch one. I’m that determined.

Movie watching as a pastime allows me to have ‘me time.’ It sets my mood. It calms my spirit and makes me inspired. I think ‘therapeutic’ is the more appropriate term. I also get a sense of fulfillment after watching a film which I personally chose and whose plot/theme piqued my curiosity and got me thinking. I mean, not all movies have that effect on me. My selection of movies may be limited but I am happy to note that they are all worth watching. Or so I think.

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Goal No. 2: Dress Up More Often

When it comes to fashion, I’m anything but outdated. I get to know the latest trends by reading fashion magazines and blogs and by checking out what local celebrities are wearing on TV. Other than that, I know nothing more about fashion and dressing up.

my office outfit one random weekday

Speaking of dressing up, I have decided that this 2011, I would dress up more often both at work and when going out. This goal will allow me to achieve four things: 1) wear the many new items in my closet that are starting to accumulate dust, 2) be more confident about my body, 3) develop my personal style and unleash the ‘fashionista’ in me 4) please the boyfriend, my family, my friends and myself.

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A New Beauty Regimen

It’s been a week since I reunited with a facial product I have used before but discontinued using just because I was too lazy taking care of my face. But the new year has come and so has my drive. I dunno with you but each new year never fails to give me motivation, inspiration and new perspectives. Actually, when new year arrived, I didn’t say any resolutions and instead, I set some goals. Only realistic goals, though. I didn’t want to get disappointed with myself and the world.

Aside from losing weight, I also decided to take care of my skin. I started with my face because I felt it should be prioritized since this is the first to be seen when I deal with various people at home, at work and even online.

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Goal No. 1: Lose Weight!

I want to start the year right. Topping my 2011 goals is losing weight. Unlike others who have only gained a few pounds after the holidays, I welcomed 2011 with 20 unwanted pounds. Yes, not just one or four but 20. Imagine that. I’m bordering on obesity and I’m very alarmed. I know in my heart I have to do something about it.

the chubby me, not a good sight methinks

I have started dieting last week. So far, I have already lost four pounds. Some may think it’s fast but fortunately for me, I have this way of losing weight that only my body can understand. Hopefully, I could go back to my ideal weight of 115 in the coming weeks.

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