Goal No. 6: Think Positive

They say when you’re heart is filled with worries, you should think about positive thoughts. This way, positive energy will get in and balance out the negative energy in your system. I know I am surrounded with well-wishers, people like my loved ones and my true friends who support me in whatever I do and think about getting for myself. But sometimes, things can get scary like when suddenly you become clueless of what the outcome of something will be.

I can be very pessimistic. This year, I plan to get rid of this negative trait. I will work on becoming a positive thinker. I know this is quite hard especially for someone who’s been a negative thinker most of her life but what the heck, there’s no harm in trying. I better start now or remain like this forever.

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ABS-CBN’s Imortal Series Now on Its Season 2

I’ve blogged about Imortal before, but I just can’t help to share about it again. That must be because things are getting more exciting with it as the days go by, shortly after the Kapamilya Network launched its second season last February 7. More secrets will be revealed and more changes will be happening. I continue to follow the show every night and so far, I’ve never been disappointed. Finally, they have turned Mateo (one of the leading characters played by John Lloyd Cruz) into a vampire! People had been anxiously waiting for that to happen, your truly included. It’s about time they did.

Imortal is actually the sequel to the Lobo Series that took the Pinoy TV viewing public by storm when it hit the primetime slot back in 2008. I also followed that show but I didn’t get as hooked. I still remember though that they had quite an interesting plot and that for the lobos, they used purebred dogs from France instead of real wolves. It was not outstanding but proved to be effective. I had to give it to the production people for the believable action scenes during the encounters between the two warring lobo clans (black and white). I heard they went as far as employing the best dog training guide to execute their action scenes as flawless as possible. And I can see they’re doing the same treatment with Imortal today, what with the nice fight scenes between the vampires and the werewolves in the series.

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Virlanie Foundation’s Dine to Smile Project

Do you love giving to charity? What if you could enjoy great food along with it, wouldn’t it be all the more fulfilling? Virlanie Foundation currently has a project dubbed as “Dine to Smile.” They partnered with restaurants to generate funds to help street children which has been their mission since their inception in 1992. I’m blogging about this now to help promote this notable project in my own little way and because one of the participating restaurants is La Cocina de Tita Moning where I work part-time as tour guide.

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Mall of Asia on a Friday

Going to Mall of Asia (MOA) on a Friday isn’t always a bright idea. We just came back from the place and it was filled with people dining out and prolly doing some last minute shopping before going home and spending another fun weekend. Traffic was pretty bad on our way home especially as we passed thru CCP Complex. And to think the much-hyped pyromusical wasn’t starting in the next 12 hours.

Heavy traffic and big crowd aside, our trip to MOA was still fun. I was with the boyfriend and his family. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers and I immensely enjoyed my huge Cheeseburger meal. I know, I shouldn’t be eating big time during dinner to avoid gaining more weight, but what could I do? The burger was juicy and flavorful and somehow I felt compelled to finish it. I know I’ve been taking more meat than fiber and that’s the reason my bowel movement has been acting up the past days. I’ll just make it up with my tummy by trying out colonetix or drinking more water than usual. Hehe.

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WordPress Comment Section Error

Have you ever encountered problems with the comment section of your blog? Like when someone tried to comment on it and cannot do so. This morning I was alerted by a friend that she experienced comment error while trying to comment to one of my posts. The error message was foreign-sounding, “Mogelijke spamactie tegen gehouden. Ga terug.” I got alarmed and so when I got home, I opened my blog and checked what could be the problem. After a little research, I figured out what to do. I just disabled the spam plugin I installed in my blog a long time ago. It worked!

I don’t know much about html and codes but when emergencies do happen, I turn to the internet for support. Actually, I always do it every time I need to find answers to something. It could be as trivial as knowing the first movie of Leonardo di Caprio (my Hollywood crush!) to more serious stuff such as finding out how to get rid of belly fat (I’m trying to lose weight, remember?). So yeah, my life is somehow dependent to the internet. How cool is that? Haha. Seriously, the internet contains a wealth of information and we should always take advantage of it.

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Dealing with Phone Bills

Phone bills can get very costly. I just realized I was paying for three post paid lines at present: one Globe and two Sun Cellular. It’s really convenient to be a post paid subscriber especially during emergencies. I just don’t like the idea of paying more than I could manage. That said, I plan not to renew the contract for one of my Sun Cellular lines expiring in April. It is currently used by my brother but I’m sure he won’t mind as he doesn’t have much use with it these days.

How do you pay for your phone bills? Is it thru bank or over-the-counter? My two Sun Cellular lines are automatically charged to my credit card. I actually plan to do the same with my Globe phone bill. As much as possible, I try to cut my trips to the mall just to settle my phone bills because more often than not, I am tempted to window shop and eventually, buy stuff on impulse. Like one time, I was only supposed to pay for utilities at the bills payment section of the mall but I ended up perusing through a shelf filled with diet pills that work at this health shop with weird name as well. Good thing I was with my mother and she was in a hurry to unload her bladder that I was forced to accompany her to the nearest restroom and leave the shop.

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