Dealing with Busyness

January and June are the two toxic months at my workplace. We normally have big events lined up during these times and so our butts are anything but still. I love my job, alright, but I tend to dread the arrival of January and June every year.

Dealing with busyness is not my forte. I hate cramming and beating deadlines. I remember I used to get freelance work from various sources (e.g. oDesk, freelance contractors, ad networks, blogger friends, etc.) but after some time, I stopped. (I delivered on all my commitments, though, because I firmly believe in professionalism.) I guess I got tired of pressuring myself to earn more money when I value my “me” time so much and I’m more productive working at my own pace.

Actually, I have somehow learned to deal with busyness over the years. What I do is I list down the things that need to get done and assign a not-so-strict deadline to each one of them. And then I finish each and every task ahead of time. I feel so productive and empowered every single time I do this. That’s my little trick!

Yes, I do like fooling myself with a twisted sense of fulfillment sometimes. But it works for me, you know. I don’t get pressured at all. Haha.

How do you deal with busyness? Do you love/hate it or both? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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16 Replies to “Dealing with Busyness”

  1. May baby na ba Edel?! Hahahah! Pressure lang bigla?
    I hate being busy too kasi sa dami ng iniisip ko wala akong nagagawa at the end .. hehe so every now and then, ang motto ko lagi eh one step at a time., one task at a time din =)

  2. Since Monday I’ve been very busy with housework and other things… Nilagnat tuloy ako kahapon. Now that I feel better, back to housework again! Buhay fulltime mommy! Kaloka!

    1. Waaaah, I’ve been sick since Tuesday. Sore throat and dry cough. Buti ikaw galing na. Need to rest this weekend, busy pa naman kami sa work. 🙂

  3. Tama, one at a time din gawa ko dyan. Ang hirap kasi pagsabay sabayin ang trabaho at time management dapat.

    Kahit ganu kabusy, have time din para mag chillax para iwa stress. =)

  4. LOL story of my life. I don’t like deadlines, gives me migraines and I get anxiety attacks, so not so strict deadlines work better for moi. We have the same reason why I stopped taking Freelance work from Odesk and Freelancer. I also dropped paid posts except for sheriff ( na missing na rin lagi). For a while there I lost my way and went cray cray chasing after blogging income streams. Most of my blogs now earn via Adsense and affiliates so no pressures, so waley akong stress and suprisingly mas epektib hehe

  5. Hello! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I do the same, too. Although sometimes I get overwhelmed with all these lists I make also. Haha! But I feel more organized and it feels good when I finally cross things off my list.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Joei! Thank you also for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. Crossing things off our lists is liberating, right? Happy New Year, too! 🙂

  6. With my work we’re not always busy but when we’re busy, I don’t get to eat lunch or eat at 4 or 5pm, but then there are lull hours, waiting for patients, so I get a lot of “me” time… playing my favorite game, watching DVDs, reading a book, blogging, etc. I am the type of person who always want to be busy… parang naguiguilty ako when I’m idle, I feel irresponsible. Hehe. But I’m like you too, I always make lists but they’re usually for bigger tasks’goal that I hope to accomplish. I do this because you often get wrapped up with your daily routine, you miss out on certain goals.

    Nice meeting you, by the way!

    1. Hi Crickette, thanks for dropping by. Right, I heard you’re into Clash of Clans these days (my husband is into that game also!). Yes, it’s better to make a list on big goals to make sure we don’t get sidetracked and we achieve them. 🙂

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