Weekend Story: A Time to Prepare and A Time to Think

Last weekend was quiet and productive. It’s the first weekend of 2015 and the hubby and I had no choice but to stay home. Actually, it was me who insisted on this. The hubby initially wanted for us to just stay in Manila because we were there on the first two days of the year for some worthwhile activities with family and friends. Good thing he listened to his wife without question. Haha.

I wanted to go home in Bacoor because I needed to have ample time to prepare (my wardrobe) and think (about work, family, etc.). So I did all those and a few more things. I felt happy and content. God has been so good to me in 2014 and hopefully, things will be better this new year.

On Saturday, I hand-washed all the clothes I bought and received last Christmas season. I prepared home-cooked meals for the hubby. We slept and ate and the cycle repeated itself. We also watched a little TV and surfed the net as a form of relaxation. Haha.

happy two-gether!

I was able to reflect on our life on Saturday night. My mind was preoccupied with various things, from our jobs and marital life to our goals and travel plans. The hubby and I also plan to get pregnant this 2015, so that falls under the list of our goals, too.

On Sunday, we heard the morning mass at the church near our place. Then we stayed home again, had brunch and slept some more. We never left the house until late afternoon when we drove back to Manila to pay our last respects to a cousin who passed away.

This 2015, the hubby and I can only hope for continued happiness and security in all aspects of our lives. More financial blessings won’t hurt, too. Speaking of those, I can’t wait to finish paying all three of my fixed loans by September! I’m so excited to see a bigger net income on my pay slip by then. Wohooo! 🙂

Have a great work week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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14 Replies to “Weekend Story: A Time to Prepare and A Time to Think”

  1. We went to three different places for December and were super thankful when our fourth trip was canceled due to bad weather. Staycation is the best vacation talaga.

  2. With the help of prayers talagang pinakikinggan tayo ng nasa Taas. And to God be the glory sa mga blessings na natatangap natin. Hope matupad yung mga dreams mo, Edel lalo na yung additional member of the family! Yay!

    God bless! =)

    1. Waaaaah, magdilang-anghel ka sana, Joy! Salamat ha! Para naman makarelate na ako lagi sa mga blog posts mo about Baby A. 🙂

  3. Wow I got so excited when you mentioned that you wanted a baby na!! Hihihi.. Can’t wait for it sana sooner na! Goodluck sa 2015 natin and hoping for more blessings!! =)

    1. Thanks, Jen! Haha, sana nga magkatotoo yang baby na yan! Grabe na kasi ang pressure sa mga parents and sibs namin ni Edwin eh. No, but seriously, we think we’re ready this year. 🙂

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