Weekend Story: In Sickness and In Health

I felt that last weekend was too short for a break from work. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve been sick since Monday and I was actually looking forward to a long rest come weekend. Well, I did get enough rest on Sunday but it wasn’t enough for me to get rid of my nasty dry cough. I now feel better, though, as compared to last week.

On Saturday, the hubby went to graduate school while I overslept. When evening came, we had dinner at my PILs’ place and heard the anticipated mass at our neighborhood parish before hitting the road. We reached our Bacoor home at past 8:00 p.m. Early bedtime for us.

We had a very quiet Sunday. I prepared all our meals for the day simultaneously while the hubby did his usual household chores (e.g. cleaning the car, washing the laundry, and sweeping and mopping the floor). In my attempt to eliminate my dry cough naturally, I thought of making fresh juices and herbal teas.

fresh juice from five different kinds of citrus fruits (all courtesy of our New Year fruit basket!)

what I’m talking about in the photo caption above

fresh dalanghita juice (they cost only P25 per kilo at the wet market!)

lemon grass tea

ginger tea

Not in the photos was the juice of blanched oregano leaves which I slurped wholeheartedly in the name of healing. (Thank you TPS for reminding me about it on IG!). And the several liters of water I drank because according to my doctor cousin, water therapy helps get rid of cough faster.

I have to say the hubby did a good job taking care of his sick wife (poor me was barking like a mad dog all the freaking time!) by checking on me every now and then and behaving well the entire time. His gestures of concern and thoughtfulness have surely made me more grateful about having a life partner. How nice it is to be assured that we have each other in sickness and in health. Okay, enough of the mushiness. We just enjoyed each other’s company until night time arrived and it was time for us to sleep.

And just like that, another precious weekend has ended.

I hope you had a better weekend (physically wise) than mine, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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