Crocheting with Edel: Dual-Colored Zippered Crochet Pouch

I made another zippered crochet pouch but this time it was dual-colored. Again, the yarns used for this project were leftovers from my previous projects. Sayang naman kasi kung hindi gagamitin. I gave this pouch to my SIL Albie because she requested for one when I was still learning to crochet. I told her to just wait and soon enough, I was able to make this for her. It isn’t perfect but it sure was a labor of love. Plus, the star stitches are lovely!



Gantsilyo Guru Selections light milk cotton yarn (pantone blue)
Gantsilyo Guru Selections light milk cotton yarn (ivory)
maroon scrap fabric for the lining
4.75mm (US 7) hook

crochet materials

I learned making star stitches via this informative You Tube crochet tutorial. Thank you, Sir!

crochet pouch

Then, I just copied the same procedure as I did in this zippered crochet pouch that went to my sister Jodie.

star stitches

finished rpoduct crochet pouch

opening of a crochet pouch

attaching the zipper crochet pouch

with zipper crochet pouch

Star stitches can be confusing at times but with some patience and positivity, any crocheter can do it.

And tadaaaaa!

crocheting a pouch

zippered crochet pouch

Happy crocheting! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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    1. Thanks, Gladys! It sure is a good idea but I’m not so sure yet because I still have a lot to improve on my crocheting. Plus, I hate deadlines! Haha. 🙂

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