Weekend Story: Medical Check-Up and Overnight in Bacoor

Last weekend was a-okay. On Saturday, I accompanied Mame to the nearest hospital for a medical check-up. Because my brother has recently made extra gigil to her by carrying and hugging her tight, the area under her left boob got sprained. She started complaining about the pain and eventually asked me to take her to the doctor, but not before a few attempts by the manghihilot have failed to give her the relief she wanted. It turned out it was just a case of muscle inflammation that some warm compress and pain reliever could heal. Thank God! I can be paranoid when it comes to the health of my family (who’s not?) so I’m glad this simple health problem is resolved now.

In the afternoon, we heard the anticipated mass at the Shrine of Jesus, The Truth, The Way and The Life in MOA Complex. Then we drove to Bacoor to spend the night there. We had to go back to Manila on Sunday night to accompany my MIL in buying her maintenance meds and of course, to prepare ourselves for the coming work week.

Here are photos from our weekend:

Mame at Manila Doctors Hospital

church time

yummy Nasi Goreng for our Saturday night dinner

these S&R Roasters Marinated Chicken in butter & garlic flavor which we had for our Sunday lunch hit the spot (must buy more soon!)

supermarket buddies

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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10 Replies to “Weekend Story: Medical Check-Up and Overnight in Bacoor”

    1. Hay buti nga sis, simpleng muscle inflammation lang. Alam mo naman mga parenst natin, nagkaka-edad na kaya asahan na natin na padami ng padami ang karamdaman na dapat paghandaan. Salamat! Oo, bitin ang weekend! 🙂

  1. I’m glad minor condition ung sa mom mo 🙂 Ang ganda na pala sa Madocs. Huli kong punta dun yung nagpa vaccine ako as requirement for TW scholarship and visa 8 long years ago hehe.
    Have a great week, Edel! 🙂

  2. Who knew hugs can cause a certain part of the body to be strained/flamed?! First time I’m hearing/reading about this, but thank God it’s nothing serious. Also, naglaway ako sa S&R Chicken! For some reason, the branch at Ayala (sans the supermarket) doesn’t sell the roasted variety – fried lang. It’s my favorite next to Sr Pedro’s!

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