Weekend Story: Cooling Down At Home

Last weekend was steady. The weather was still very hot and it didn’t help that I still had to move around the house to get things done. But everything was manageable naman despite the fact that the hubby wasn’t around. He got lucky and was able to travel to Bohol for a short vacay. He missed his parents so much and there was no better time to go. As for me, I got left behind with our pet dog Jasper. I couldn’t join the hubby because of the tight sched in our office, so sad.

Anyway, I still had fun last weekend trying my best to cool down at home. I just cooked for my family and took care of Jasper. I also did some decluttering. But I guess what ate most of my time was being with Mame (going to the wet market and just chatting with her about everything and anything under the sun) and of course, Netflix (again).

Below are just two photos from my weekend:

with my fave house companion Jasper 😉

chicken piccata ala Edel 😛

I so loved this chicken piccata dish (whose recipe can be found here)! It was creamy, tangy, tasty, and flavorful. Hindi nakakaumay kahit creamy dahil may konting asim, promise. I just tweaked the recipe a bit by using lemon instead of calamansi and by adding sliced button mushrooms and capers. I also put some malunggay leaves in the dish to make it more nutritious. I’m definitely cooking this again as it cooks fast and it’s so yummy! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of summer while you can, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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