Weekend Story: Scorching Hot Summer

Last weekend was scorching hot! It seems summer in the Philippines is getting hotter than ever. Kamusta naman ang aming Meralco bill neto dahil sa aircon at electric fan? Even our pet, Jasper the friendly dog, felt the intense heat inside and outside our house. Except for the trip to the wet market and the church and to this newly-opened restaurant that a friend recommended to me, we intentionally didn’t go out for fear of getting torched. We just busied ourselves with household chores and food and Netflix because heller…Netflix is life, hahaha.

Below are a few photos from our weekend:

Jasper trying to look cool despite the heat 😛

We were not very impressed with the food at Chef Antonio B. Carmelo Jr. Cuisine on Evangelista St. in Bacoor. Add to that the fact that many of the items on their limited menu was not available during our visit. The size of their pizza was good for its price, though. And their raspberry juice, despite coming from a juice powder, was cool and refreshing.

with my two constants

a 10″ pizza for PhP170 was definitely value for money!

Have a bright and delightful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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  1. Grabe yung init nung Sunday. My group of friends thought sinadyang mainit ung temp ng aircon sa restaurant para umorder kami nang umorder ng iced tea pitcher hahaha 😀

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