Some Thoughts on Dining Out

While dining out is fun, it can get expensive. As much as I wanted to skip dining out to save money, I can’t. There’s a lot of new and old restaurants to try, which means there’s also a lot of good food to taste and a lot of good company to have a fun time with.

While entertaining at home is also a good option, many people prefer dining out today when meeting with friends or spending some quality time with their loved ones. It’s must be because it’s more convenient and requires less effort than cooking food and setting up the dining table and cleaning up the mess after. Personally, I do enjoy entertaining at home despite all the hassles, but only during special occasions and when I’m in the mood for laboring in the kitchen (which is seldom).

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Sunday in Tagaytay

I will never get tired of going to Tagaytay. Ever. It’s such a great place for some chilling out, sight-seeing, and of course, food-tripping. Yesterday, the hubby and I, along with my SIL, drove up to the country’s second summer capital and had so much fun. We had brunch at Mushroomburger and desserts was at the famous Bag of Beans.

treats from Mushroomburger

Sunday in Tagaytay is always busy. Families flock to the place to bond and unwind. There was no traffic yesterday, though, which was a good thing. Because my SIL hasn’t gone to The Cliffhouse yet, we took her there and as we had suspected, there were a lot of people strolling around and the parking slots were full. We parked outside the nearby Yellow Cab and Army Navy instead and sneakily crossed over The Cliffhouse so my SIL could take a look around the place while we enjoyed the view and took pictures. Haha.
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Missing Binondo and Chinese Food!

Two Fridays ago, I had a fantastic Chinese lunch courtesy of our former boss (and one of my wedding godparents, too). She had some Chinese food sent over to our office all the way from a restaurant at the Makati Golf and Country Club. Ang sushal lang. Haha.

our Chinese lunch, thanks again Ms. BAA!

While enjoying the delicious Chinese food, I suddenly missed Binondo. I remembered the food trips hubby and I used to have there in the past. We’ve tried and enjoyed the food at Wai Ying Fastfood, Masuki, Estero, Dong Bei Dumpling, Sincerity Cafe, and Cafe Mezzanine. I planned for us to try more hole-in-the-wall eateries and dainty restaurants that serve authentic Chinese dishes but my previous pregnancy (and my delicate condition for that matter) prevented us from doing so.

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Red Velvet Cakes and Cupcakes

I love red velvet cakes and cupcakes. I guess it’s the red velvet color, the hint of chocolate, the cream cheese icing, the not-too-sweet taste. Okay, make it everything about them. I even looked for a good red velvet cake recipe online so I could bake some in the future.

Cukay’s red velvet cupcake is love!

I remember the first time I tasted a red velvet cake was in the office. Our boss brought some for us to share. One bite and I got hooked. That’s why whenever I’d go to a café or a food bazaar now (hello Mercato and Soderno!), I always look for it. I’m just not sure if S&R has it because I’ve seen muffins there in our last visit.

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Comfort Food List

Do you have a list of your comfort food? You know, the edible things you love to stuff in your mouth to comfort you when you feel down or simply give you the energy to go about your day? I have mine which continues to get long as the days go by. Oh, I just love food!

Top on my list is anything sweet (e.g. chocolates, milk and mint-based candies, cakes, pastries, ice cream, etc.). Blame my mother for that as I got my sweet tooth from her. I guess we’re just lucky we haven’t gotten the dreaded diabetes yet (knocks on wood!). But recently, to cut back on sugar and safeguard my health, I have decided to drop those sweet candies in my list and replaced them with sugar-free ones. I also limit my intake of sugar and drink lots of water whenever I can.

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