Time to Party

Christmas parties are always fun. Just like birthdays, they only happen once a year which make them more special. Our first Christmas party as a married couple was the one in our village where we met and socialize with both new and old neighbors that we don’t get to see everyday.

While most parties are uncomplicated, there are some that require you to show some efforts. Like those that impose a costume for the attendees. But you have to admit there’s fun in that, ayt? For this party I’m going to that requests people to show up in a themed attire, for instance, I feel like wearing one of those Fur Cowboy Hats to make myself unique. Why not? Haha.

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Village Christmas Party

Last night was fun. We attended our first Christmas party together as a married couple. It was the Christmas party of the subdivision we live in. It started at 7:00 p.m. and ended a few hours after. The hubby is one of the officers of the new homeowners association so we got VIP seats.

There was a program, a raffle draw, some parlor games, some dance and song numbers (to entertain the crowd) and a lot more. Food was catered (there was lechon!) and some officers even brought homemade dishes for everyone to share. The hubby was requested to bring some alcoholic drinks and thanks to our S&R membership, we were able to buy some cheap but quality wines. The party ended with people dancing to the tunes of 90’s music. We headed home after the “exchange gift” part because the hubby was already sleepy and I was starting to feel tipsy from the red wine I drank.

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Christmas Money

Are you the kind who allot a particular amount of money for Christmas? I am. And I do this for other special occasions as well. This Christmas, I’m relying on the bonuses I am expecting to receive at work. Hopefully, our employer gives it on time for me to be able to shop gifts for my loved ones. I can’t wait.

I actually have a list in my head. I have already bought some items on it while the others I have yet to acquire. I also have some things that I want for the house. It’s like giving our house the Christmas gifts it deserves. These include new towels and bed sheets, new set of plates and some cushion for chair (just because the removable cushion of our dining chairs are already out of shape!).

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Decorating for Christmas 2012

Ours may be the only house in the Philippines with not a single sign of the coming Christmas season yet. Our Christmas decors are still wrapped up upstairs and waiting to be reassembled. I dunno, I must just be plain busy or crazy lazy for not acting on them at this point.

Christmas has always been a happy occasion for me. But this Christmas will be a bit different. I will be celebrating it with the hubby for the first time with us as a married couple. I will surely miss having the traditional Noche Buena with my family. We can’t just make plans because it’s a must that we celebrate both Christmas and New Year in our marital house. It’s our first year in this home, after all.

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Lenten Season

The Lenten Season is fast-approaching. And I so look forward to the long holidays it brings. I’m not a very religious person but I always see Lent as a time to slow down, meditate and connect with God. I also think that this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on my life and how I could make it more meaningful not only for myself but for the people around me.

This Holy Week, I plan to relax and do uncomplicated things. I want to get as much rest as I could get. I want to spend as much time as I could with my family. I also want the same for my husband. That’s why we have decided to spend time equally between his family and mine. Fair deal, ayt?

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Time to Hit the Beach!

Summer’s here! Time to hit the beach! Time to slim down for me to fit in my bikini. Ouch. I think I’ll have to work on that as hard as I could. It’s not gonna be easy, what with the pounds I gained before, during and after the wedding. Spell di-le-mma.

If I am only attending a prom, all I need to do is get myself a plus size prom dress and I’ll be good to go. But this is beach escapade we’re talking about. Somehow, there’s a pressure on the girls (not so much on the boys!) to show off some nice figure and don some good beach wear. Haha.

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