It’s All About Contentment

So far, so good. If you’d ask me how’s my life been going these days, that will be my exact answer. I am just happy that blessings continue to come way and that less problems are popping up in my life.

I have a job that pays well. It may not be so secure, but at least it never fails to teach me to be appreciative of each day in the workplace. There may be other similar jobs out there that pay more, but the satisfaction I get from my job wouldn’t compare with any of them. I just want a fulfilling but stress-free job and the job I have right now definitely fits the bill.

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More Travels, Please

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things to do. Not only does it allow you to see new places and meet new people, but it also broadens your perspective on just about everything. Did I mention it’s kind of liberating, too? Whenever I travel, I feel so free. It’s like I can do anything (so long as it’s legal!) without worry.

Traveling is a serious matter for me. I know that once ruined, the memories attached to a travel will be etched in the heart forever. The mistakes committed can never be undone. It’s not like shopping where you could return defective items, say a dress with a missing button or a bumbleride indie stroller without wheels. Traveling is something that has to be taken seriously.

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Foreign Exchange Rates

I didn’t expect changing my Philippine pesos to Malaysian ringgits and Singaporian dollars would make me feel a little sad about the economic state of my home country. Imagine, the value of our currency is way below those of the two. As our currency continues to fall, those of our neighbor countries continue to be strong and stable.

No wonder, more and more Filipinos are trying hard to work abroad where they could earn foreign currencies that their families could exchange for higher rates in Manila. It’s a sure fire way to solve their financial problems and bolster their credit repair efforts. But as promising as it sounds, there are sacrifices that need to be made. The overseas Filipino worker has to stay in a foreign land away from his family.

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The Influx of Koreans in Manila

Last night at the resto, we had one big group of culinary students as guests. If I’m not mistaken, one third of them were Koreans. I happened to serve them during dinner and they were a cool bunch. A little noisier than usual, but they were generally nice.

It’s funny because right after work, I immediately resumed watching my fave Korean drama. From Korean to another Korean, haha. I would have wanted to finish one more episode but our internet connection suddenly acted up. I also wasn’t able to finish the movie I’ve long wanted to watch because of that. Which made me thought about getting analog digital online, just so I could have more choices (when it comes to Korean dramas and Hollywood movies) and better viewing experience.

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Just like weather, women are inherently unpredictable. I myself can be very unpredictable at times. Now I want this, a moment later I don’t. It can be quite confusing and irritating to the people around me. But then, what can I do? This is how a girl’s brain works.

While women’s unpredictability is frowned upon by men in general, I believe it has some advantages. It saves you from making the wrong decision. It buys you time to think about things. It allows you to assess things better. It makes you see the bigger picture. It gives you new perspectives. It brings out the best in you.

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