OPM is Great and Fun

Last night, I had the chance to watch an Original Pilipino Music (OPM) concert at the beautiful and well-manicured Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. It was sponsored by Avida Land, a company belonging to the Ayala Group. Outstanding Pinoy performers and bands in the likes of Arnee Hidalgo, Sitti, True Faith, 6CycleMind, 143, Jim Paredes and a lot more graced the stage and performed Pilipino originals to the delight of the big crowd.

scene from the concert

Indeed, Filipino music has gone quite far. Thanks to these people who continue to promote OPM in the country despite the tough competition against foreign music brands (hello K-Pop and Western tunes). But there is still so much to do to ensure OPM is passed from one generation of Pinoys to the next. I can only think of the power of the internet to ensure we keep the flame of our love for OPM alive.

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I Don’t Own a Car…

…I just ride in one. As front seat passenger. On a regular basis. And the car belongs to the fiance. He bought it last February and since then, our trips in and out of the city have significantly improved. You can say we’re enjoying having a car at our disposal. Now we can go wherever we want, at any time of the day. Owning a car, according to the fiance, has not only made our life easier but allowed us to appreciate life better. I can’t agree more.

But owning a car can have its downsides, too. Your number one enemy would be fuel prices. Here in Manila, oil price hike is a common thing. Traffic is next. We all know how bad traffic in this country can be. Third would be paying for your car. The down payment alone costs an arm and a leg. The succeeding payment, in the form of monthly amortizations, can be burdensome at times. Unless, of course, you signed up for a car loans title to make things a lot easier for you.

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My Organizational Skills

Recently, I have noticed that I tend to forget about things. For example, I’m about to do something and then after a minute I’d totally forget about it. To correct this problem, I have made it a habit to write things down and set an alarm on my phone. It has proven to be effective.

I have also noticed that I tend to get excited over things, especially when they are creative and innovative in nature. It’s a different case when something would allow me to make money…I get uber excited! Haha. To balance things out, I list them down and make plans. Yes, I love making plans and brainstorming on how I could execute them well.

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The Need for Health Insurance

My parents are not getting any younger and as time passes by, the pressure to provide them with health insurance is building up on me. Actually, it’s not just them who need it. We all do. Right now, we only have PhilHealth to depend on in case we get sick. That’s why I”m looking for cheap but comprehensive health insurance for all of us. Is there such as thing as cheap but comprehensive health insurance? I hope so.

Speaking of health insurance, I wonder if our OFWs have one. I mean, it’s not easy getting sick in a foreign land, away from your loved ones who could provide you the care you need. While getting sick can be prevented through exercise and eating healthily, getting caught in an accident while working abroad isn’t. Accidents happen without prior notice. Which makes health insurance of the good kind a must for them.

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On Switching Jobs

I can count on my two hands the number of times my brother has wanted to switch jobs. He’s a graduate of B.S. Industrial Education Major in Computer Education from TUP in 2009. He’s first job was in government and then he transferred to a school after he’s contract had ended in the former. Prior to the two, he went on a training as management trainee for a popular fast food. Fast forward to today, he wants to be a teacher and lucky him, he’s going to be a teacher soon because he has passed his interview and demo recently.

Switching jobs has somehow been a trend in my brother’s young career. I can’t blame him. He wants to get better compensation all the time. Isn’t that what most, if not all people, are trying to get as well? With the scarcity of jobs in Manila, young graduates like my brother are trying to make the best of their youth by taking advantage of good opportunities coming their way. I guess even if it involves teaching jobs, tech jobs or nursing jobs, they will see to it that they get the best.

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Dealing with Failures

I’m not so sure but I think I’ve blogged about this thing before. Dealing with failures seems hard but as you look into yourself deeply, you will realize that you can live with it. You can live with failing on things that matter once, twice and even most of the time. That’s the beauty of life. You can start over and over again, so long as you know where to and you have the strength, attitude and faith.

The only thing that blocks our acceptance of failure is pride. I don’t know with you, but that’s how it goes with me. Whenever I commit myself to something, like a goal for instance, I give it my best shot and pray hard for it. I also visualize myself on the victorious side and create a scene in my head where the people who love me are happy with the good news while those who don’t are in pain knowing I have succeeded.

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