Snacking While Pregnant

It’s a given that pregnant women like me get hungry all the time. But it doesn’t mean I have to eat whenever my stomach grumbles. I have to watch what I eat to make sure I consume only the healthy stuff and not just empty calories. I also have to monitor how many times I eat in a day so I don’t gain weight that’s beyond what is expected of or normal for me.

I noticed that during weekends, I only get to eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Weekdays are a different story. During weekdays, I get to eat six times a day (three normal meals and three snacks). What can I do? I get hungry at work all the time and my hunger continues to attack a few hours before midnight.

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32 Weeks

32 weeks down, 8 more weeks to go. I can’t really describe the mixed feelings I have right now. As a first time mom-to-be, being in this situation can be both overwhelming and nerve-wracking. But above and beyond all this, I’m just really happy and grateful. Happy and grateful that God entrusted me this great blessing called a baby.

me at 32 weeks

I’m also glad that our baby is getting bigger, healthier and more active inside my womb. I always look forward to his waking hours when he moves like a very energetic little boy. I, along with the hubby, try to spend more time with him each day. Normally, we bond with the baby during nighttime when he’s almost always awake and ready to mingle with us.

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Saving Up for the Rainy Days

Here in Manila, the days are getting literally rainy. Just this morning, a heavy downpour awoken me from my deep slumber. It’s not the best way to welcome a new day, but sometimes you really can’t help it. But I digress.

Saving up for the rainy days is such a very sound advice. You really can’t tell when emergencies would happen and you need to bring out cash to cover for something. As much as we want to save up for the coming of our baby, the hubby and I can only do so much. It’s a good thing we still have two more months to prepare financially for the arrival of our baby.

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28 Weeks

I reached my 28th week of gestation last Friday, the 24th of August. Gradually, I’m getting nearer and nearer to d-day and I can no longer hide both my excitement and my fear. It’s my first time, after all. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

obviously, this photo doesn’t show how big my tummy really is at present

My MIL has already advised me to schedule the shopping for baby clothes and accessories next month. She thought it was the best time to do so and she even volunteered to accompany me. My mom wanted to come, too. I can imagine it’s gonna be a fun shopping trip at Divisoria with these two women who know a lot about babies and baby care. Haha.

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Chocolate Temptation

When I got pregnant, I tried avoiding caffeine because it’s a stimulant and could cause low birth weight and some birth defects to the baby if taken in high amounts. While my Ob-Gyne didn’t prohibit me from consuming caffeine, she did advise me to limit its intake. She even said that I could drink coffee and tea or eat a chocolate bar once in a while so I don’t totally lose my appetite/craving for caffeine.

To be on the safer side, I actually avoided caffeine during my entire first semester. But when I entered my second, I lost control. I started taking caffeine but in moderation. I still don’t drink coffee, tea and cola, though. I just eat chocolate-y food once a week, sometimes even lesser than that.

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My Wants, Then and Now

Prior to my pregnancy, I had so many things going on in my mind. You see, I just got married a few months ago. I had domestic skills but thought it wasn’t enough to please my husband when we’d start to finally live together under one roof. I wanted to be a good wife.

I also wanted things for myself, for my growth as a person. I wanted to get an MA degree or take up law. I wanted to get into sewing and other crafts. I even wanted to grow my entrepreneurial skills by putting up a retail shop and visiting for retail store fixtures. You know, things that a lot of women normally want for themselves.

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