Ideal Weight Gain for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy means a lot of things to different women. If there’s one thing I so look forward to about my pregnancy, it’s eating a lot and gaining weight. Haha. Seriously, gaining weight is a must during pregnancy. The baby has to get as much nutrition as it can from the mother.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. This morning, I hit the scales and found out I gained 4 lbs. Cool, huh! It means I’m gaining weight and it’s good for the baby. I know I need to gain more as my pregnancy progresses, but I don’t wanna gain more than what’s needed. So, I researched a bit and found some information on the recommended weight gain a pregnant woman should have:

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Acne and Pregnancy

Aside from morning sickness, one of the changes that pregnant women get to experience is skin breakout. Acne seems to grow like crazy on most pregnant women’s faces normally during the first trimester. I dunno with you, but I know some people who even go as far as getting acne treatments done and keep their face oil-free as much as possible by using seaclear or other safe oil-control products in the market.

I’m just glad that my pregnancy isn’t sensitive at all. No morning sickness, no bed rest, no skin breakouts, no nothing. I guess I’m just lucky. After all, they say every pregnancy is different. And I believe that. Hopefully, my pregnancy stays complaint-free and smooth-sailing until I give birth.

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No Cramming for Me Now

Now that I’m pregnant, I make an effort to reduce my stress levels. Stress comes from a lot of things, and you can never say your human if you don’t feel its presence in your life. While I have high tolerance to stress, I feel it’s very important that I don’t stress myself too much now that there’s a life developing inside my womb.

I rarely get stressed at home. I’m lucky to have a very kindhearted, patient and loving husband who, now that I’m having his baby, has multiplied the level of kindness, patience and love he’s showing me. I mean, what more could I possibly ask for? I must be a really lucky preggy wife!

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Pregnancy and Baby Studies

Just like other expectant moms, I have started reading on pregnancy and baby development after finding out that I was pregnant. Aside from the usual pregnancy threads/forums, I regularly check out Baby Center Philippines. It’s a great resource center for moms-to-be like me. I learn a thing or two in every visit.

And then there are also the Baby Center US and UK versions which I also read up on. They’re basically similar with Baby Center PH except that there, you could learn not just from Pinay moms but American and British moms as well. It’s all about physical knowledge, experts’ advice and personal experiences from real moms, so I guess it’s all good.

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Pregnant and Confirmed!

After two home pregnancy tests (April 15th and 22nd) and a check-up with the Ob-Gyne (last Saturday), we’re now 100% sure that I’m pregnant. We’re overjoyed! We can’t thank God enough. This is such a huge blessing that the hubby and I will be eternally grateful for.

I’m happy that everything is fine with our baby. We heard the heart beat for the first time and the experience was priceless and out of this world. Yipeeee! We’re very excited about this development and we can’t wait for our baby to be born. I’m okay with whatever the gender is, but one of the grandmas seriously wants a girl she’s even started looking for baby girl clothes and kids bedding sets for girls. Haha.

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