Daddy and Baby Bonding

My pregnancy is getting more and more exciting each day. To give you an update, our baby is now making its small presence felt inside my womb. It now makes small kicks and pokes me from inside the amniotic sac where it develops and grows.

I couldn’t describe the joy I had the first time I felt our baby moved. It was a great feeling, something that I will treasure forever. These days, the hubby is getting its fair share of our baby’s precious movements, too. In fact, he now has a schedule for their daddy-and-baby bonding. As early as now, I can already imagine them having a great time tickling each other if our baby’s a girl. Or playing with a duncan raptor yoyo together at the playground near our house if it’s a boy.

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Maternity Clothes

Last week I went to the mall to get myself some maternity clothes. None of the dressy kind yet, though. I just got a pair of maternity slacks and some large tops. Next time I’ll get new undergarments because the ones I’m wearing these days are already tight to me.

I’m just happy there’s this mall (a.k.a. SM Manila) near our place that’s so convenient to visit. It has all the things I could ever want. Even the outdoor ceiling fan that I want for our Bacoor home it has in different styles and colors. Speaking of home improvement, our back kitchen will be finished this week. I’m so excited to see the improvements done so far tonight. Finally.

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Prenatal Visit

Last Saturday, I went to UST Hospital to visit my Ob-Gyne along with my hubby and my SIL. It was time for my second prenatal check-up. I was worried as usual but it turned out everything was okay with the baby. We just listened to its heartbeat and I got new vitamin prescription and that was it.

We asked the doctor’s opinion as to when the best time would be to get a scan to find out the gender of our baby. She recommended getting one when I’m at 24 weeks already, that would be at least two months from now. We’re very excited to know if we’re having a boy or a girl. If my instincts are right, we’re having a boy. Oh, I wish! I wish!

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Food Cravings During Pregnancy

“Ano’ng pagkain ang pinaglilihian mo?” (What food do you crave for?) That’s the usual question I get from people now that I’m pregnant. To be honest, I don’t have any specific food that I crave for consistently. Being a foodie for as long as I can remember, I crave for different kinds of food at different times of the day. Sometimes I get confused over it already. Haha.

The past days, I’ve been craving for Chinese food (siopao, siomai, Yangchow fried rice, beef and wonton noodles, etc.), Manang’s Chicken, Jollibee spaghetti, Greenwich Hawaiian pizza, buffalo wings, roasted peanuts, ginisang munggo and most citrus fruits. It’s weird because I only get food cravings come dinnertime and my appetite hasn’t changed much since I became preggy. I still eat a normal breakfast, have very little appetite for lunch and get really hungry during dinnertime.

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Ideal Weight Gain for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy means a lot of things to different women. If there’s one thing I so look forward to about my pregnancy, it’s eating a lot and gaining weight. Haha. Seriously, gaining weight is a must during pregnancy. The baby has to get as much nutrition as it can from the mother.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. This morning, I hit the scales and found out I gained 4 lbs. Cool, huh! It means I’m gaining weight and it’s good for the baby. I know I need to gain more as my pregnancy progresses, but I don’t wanna gain more than what’s needed. So, I researched a bit and found some information on the recommended weight gain a pregnant woman should have:

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