UST Hospital Doctors Directory

My ob-gyne is from the UST Hospital. I go there every April for annual check up. She’s kind and friendly. I think she’s in her late 50’s already. I like that she’s soft-spoken and explains complex medical terms to me in a smart manner. I can be a makulit patient at times. I ask a lot of questions and I’m happy she always answers them with a smile. I can even engage her in a little chitchat and our conversation can go from the best feminine wash to how small business phone systems here in Manila suck.

If UST is your choice of hospital for you and your family, getting the services of a doctor there is easy as ABC because their website has this directory of UST Hospital doctors that you could browse thru anytime. Each doctor has a brief profile and contact information there, including their clinic hours. Whenever I have to go back there, I always visit on a Saturday because that’s the time I don’t have work in the office.

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On God Children and Baby Gifts

I don’t know if I have already mentioned in this blog that the boyfriend has 36 god children. Perhaps, I have done so in one of my other blogs. He’s just 30 years old so I bet this would still increase. When we became steady, I started to become part of his being a good god father. I would often accompany him to gift shops to buy gifts. I have become used to doing this through the years.

The internet has made this gift buying routine easier. (I said ‘routine’ because it happens quite frequently, like every other month or so.) Actually, it’s also more convenient and fun this time. We now buy his gifts to his god children online. If it’s for Christmas, we get the gifts by the bulk. If it’s for baptismal celebrations and we need baby gifts, we go to some local online gift shops and when he has the funds, we check out Personal Creations baby. This online baby shopping site has so much to offer when it comes to unique and personalized baby gifts. You just have to choose the stuff you fancy, pay for them thru credit card or Paypal and you’re good to go.

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Bejeweled 2 on iPod Touch 4G

I just noticed that in the past few days, I have been using my iPod Touch 4G at night just before I sleep. I am more on games and it seems it’s my way to lulling myself to sleep. I know that I am about to sleep when the screen of the iPod Touch would look blurry to me, and my eyes couldn’t open in its full wideness anymore. Among the games I play, I enjoy Bejeweled 2 the most.

Bejeweled 2 is the sequel to the gem-swapping puzzler that people from around the world loved. I was actually one of those people. I have been playing Bejeweled since I started working full time. Haha. Before it was just Bejeweled the classic version. And then I got introduced to Bejeweled 2 and even Bejeweled Blitz which I used to play via Facebook.

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Wednesday Night at Eastwood, Libis

Eastwood, a posh hang-out place in Libis, Quezon City, is far from my place. To give you an idea on how far it is from where I live, the normal taxi fare goes at around P150 one way. That’s the reason why whenever I get the chance to go there, I jump at the opportunity. Last night, I was lucky to have been invited by a blogger friend to try the offerings of the Flying Pig, one of the hip restaurants under the Red Crab chain. They serve mostly pork dishes and I was glad I went because I had a great time feasting on savory pork dishes that were far from ordinary.


Eastwood is a lovely place that looks very upscale to me. Each time I go there, I wander around like a kid. I like that the main mall, Eastwood Mall, is surrounded by nice-looking establishments (bars, cafes, restaurants, gadget shops, boutiques, etc.) as well as high-rise condominiums and office buildings. There’s also a big fountain in front of the mall that’s good for picture taking. I love that my photos taken there appear as if I was in a foreign country. I also noticed that it seems independent from the rest of Quezon City (slums, bad traffic and all). People who frequent the place will certainly understand what I mean by that.

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When I Don’t Have Work at Night…

…I go malling with the boyfriend. Proximity wise, we have quite a few malls to choose from. There’s SM Manila that’s just a jeepney or pedicab ride away. There’s Robinsons Otis that requires the same ride. There’s SM San Lazaro which is just 15 minutes by car. There’s Robinsons Place Malate which is nearer by five minutes than SM San Lazaro is. At times when the boyfriend has extra fuel funds, we choose Mall of Asia (MOA) which is a good 20 minutes ride from the house. There, those are our top choices. The rest we only visit when we have something very important to get.

Just last Wednesday night when we didn’t have bookings at the restaurant and I wasn’t in the mood to read up on adapexin-p (for weight loss purposes!), the boyfriend, his sister A, my brother D and I went to MOA to chill out. After a simple dinner at Chowking, my brother D tagged me along to watch Catch Me…I’m in Love, the latest Star Cinema movie starring Sarah Geronimo (my brother is a big fan!) and Gerald Anderson. I was promised a free ticket so I went without second thoughts. Haha.

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