Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

If you have a music lover friend or family member, what would you get him/her for Christmas? I can only think of a few things. Why not a personalized CD with a compilation of his/her favorite songs? How about a ticket to a local concert? Or better yet, a gift certificate to some record bar or online music store?

If he/she’s talented and can play a musical instrument, why not gift him/her with a badass guitar from the Gibson launch? There are actually more fun stuff to give them, you just have to think a bit.

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My New Lacoste Bag

For my upcoming birthday next month, I got a new Lacoste bag from the hubby last night. If in the past I’d receive my birthday present as a surprise, this year it came in advance! Well, it’s primarily because it was a “requested” birthday present. I requested, he bought. Haha. It’s an L.12.12 concept large shopping bag (horizontal) with short handles. It’s in red clay. There were paprika red and the popular rouge red but the red clay appealed to me the most. When I tried carrying it in my right shoulder, I felt an instant connection with it. Okay, I’m just exaggerating, but you get the point.

To save myself from worries on the authenticity of the bag, I suggested to the hubby that we buy straight from the Lacoste store at Robinsons Place Manila. I did my research beforehand through my friend Google and read countless sad stories of hapless women who have bought fake Lacoste bags sold on Instagram, Facebook and groupon sites. Hindi ko naman nilalahat, pero karamihan talaga fake ang binebenta, alam man nila yon o hinde. In times like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry even if it means shelling out more money than you intended to.

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Weekend Story: Anticipated Mass, North Park, Starbucks Card and Lotsa Sleep

We had another house guest last long weekend. It’s none other than my one and only brother Danison. I love it when I get to enjoy some quality time with my family. So I really made sure my brother and I would have a great time together. And we did! But of course, I had to make sure also the hubby was well-taken care of. All in all, I had two boys to take care of and I think I did just fine.

On our way home in Bacoor on Saturday afternoon (after Edwin’s classes have finished), we went to the Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life located at Mall of Asia complex for the 5:30p.m. anticipated mass. It was my first time there and I liked how spacious and solemn the place was.

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GoDaddy Renewal Codes and Why a Distant Domain Club Membership is Not for Me

I almost forgot that it’s that time of the year again to renew my domains. For people out there with self-hosted blogs, you’d know what I meant by that. The privilege of a .com has a price, one that we pay normally on a yearly basis. For my three domains (I used to have more!), I’ve been with GoDaddy ( since 2008 because it’s so easy to transact with them and they’re very good at reminding customers about the health of their accounts.

I usually renew my domains a month before expiration. I also use promo codes or discount codes scattered online when renewing my domains so I could save money. I just type in the code during checkout right before paying for my order and that’s it. If before, I could renew my domains at $8.29 each, sometimes even less, now it’s impossible to do that. Recently, GoDaddy has stopped giving out renewal codes and offered discount domain club memberships instead. Why, oh why?

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Sanuk Sandals: His and Hers

Last Saturday, the hubby and I had an impromptu road trip to Sta. Rosa City in Laguna. I had three locations in mind which we visited one after the other: Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Nuvali and Solenad (1 and 2). At Solenad 2, the hubby chanced upon a Sanuk sale which he wasn’t able to resist.


So, we now both have a pair of Sanuk footwear (first-timers here). His is a pair of Fraid Not sandals in gray (discounted at P995) while mine is a pair of Yoga Mat Wedge sandals in beige (discounted at P1,000). They were sold at 50% off and the hubby couldn’t be happier about it. I am still on shopping fast but he was generous enough to get me a pair. He said I’ll look kawawa (poor thing) if he has a pair and I don’t have my own. Awwwww, thanks again my love!

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Goodbye, Braces!

After a few years of wearing braces, I finally got rid of them yesterday. Wohooo!

dyaraaaaaaaan, haha

It was a long, crazy journey. I had two dentists. The first one had too many patients (and her clinic was far from my place) that I felt the need to switch to the second one and stuck with him until my teeth became okay. Not 100% okay, actually, because my right canine moved too much inward when I got pregnant and so the second dentist and I had a tough time getting it back to its old position. It didn’t get back to normal but at least it didn’t look as ugly as before.

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