Dreaming of Tagaytay

The past days have been very toxic for me. I have been literally swamped with work and couldn’t do anything about it. I remember asking for some pampering the other day and look what landed on my hands this afternoon – a voucher from some groupon site for an overnight accommodation in Tagaytay courtesy of the fiancee!

Maybe he’s been feeling the same thing. That we badly need a weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate our tired bodies. The Tagaytay voucher came just in time. Aside from being made of awesome, cheap vouchers are a life saver. From the original price of P4,600, the fiancee got ours for almost P1,900 only. Amazing.

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A Quick Binondo Visit

Yesterday morning, the fiancee and I took a quick trip to Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown) to buy some pin lights for his Cavite house. Instead of bringing the car, we rode in his motorcycle to avoid road traffic and for better movement within the Chinatown complex. We found ourselves on Tomas Mapua St. which was lined with stores selling light fixtures of all kinds, shapes and sizes. We ended up buying a dozen pin lights from this store with a triumphant-sounding name, Success Lightings.

After our pin light shopping, I asked the fiancee to grab a bite at Dong Bei Dumpling. They’re famous among tourists and locals alike for their yummy steamed dumplings. It was our first time and we were impressed because our dumplings were made right on the spot. We also ordered fried rice and a noodle soup to go with our dumplings. Everything was good. And quite affordable, too.

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Bus Tickets

When I was in college, buses were my favorite mode of transportation. I liked that they were cheap and accessible. Heavy traffic aside, they could bring me to my destination fast, safe and sound. The only thing I didn’t like about buses was when they would run out of seats and I’d have no choice but to ride on it standing on my two feet and competing for space (and fresh air!) with other desperate passengers. The situation was akin to canned sardines, except we were still alive and the fish weren’t.

It’s funny but I used to collect bus tickets in one of the pockets of my bag. I’d only remember to dispose them when they’d get too crowded inside. Whenever I was not in the mood to keep the bus tickets in my bag, I’d insert it into the gaps of the seats in front of me, a habit that has been acquired by Pinoy bus passengers over the years. A not-so-good practice, yes. But when a lot of people do it, it becomes somewhat acceptable. Haha. But still, I had never been proud of it and as much as possible, I’d try to keep my tickets in my bag.

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I’m a Vicenarian, and You?

Aging is inevitable, and so is death. This realization hit me again this morning while I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. Though I don’t have facial lines/wrinkles yet (at least none that are very visible to the naked eye), I know it’s just a matter of time for them to appear in full glory. But I’m never afraid. Actually, I’m even looking forward to it because with aging comes a steady supply of wisdom and a wealth of experience.

But this post isn’t really about aging nor death. I just suddenly became amused with this list of age terms by decade that I happened to discover online:

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Loving Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit

I’m not really a chocoholic but I know when to appreciate good chocolates. Our boss just came back from Singapore and she was nice enough to give us Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit as pasalubong. One bite and I was hooked. The combination of high quality milk chocolate, confectioner cream, and crunchy biscuits was a winner in my book.

Milka Choco-Swing Biscuit in 300g pack

It was my first time to try this brand and I didn’t know if it was available locally. After a little research, I found out that it’s a Swiss chocolate made from pure Alpine milk. It’s also one of the leading chocolate brands in Europe (it’s birth year is 1901!) and is produced by Kraft Foods today. It’s no wonder it tastes a lot like Cadbury. Even the packaging is quite similar as you can see in the color. What distinguishes it though is the unique lilac-colored cow.

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