A Mini-Reunion

It’s sad that in our little clan, we only get to see everybody during two occasions: weddings and funerals. My aunt (on my father’s side) died of heart attack yesterday morning. Along with the fiancee, my parents and my brother D, I visited her wake in Loyola Commonwealth last night. Her remains are gonna stay there for two days before being transported to Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija for the burial.

At the wake, I saw a lot of my relatives whom I had not seen for so long. We chatted the night away sharing family stories and reminiscing old times. I felt good and relaxed. I wish we could meet up more often. I understand that we’re all leading busy lives. But still, we should make time for small gatherings and reunions. Life is too short and unsure that making the most of these events are a must.

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Goodbye, Tita Lolit!

Another sad news has arrived. My aunt, who is my father’s older sister, died of heart attack yesterday. It was a swift death, and somehow I am thankful. She was a good person, and I’d like to think God didn’t want her to suffer long.

I am reminded of the few occasions I shared with her. She was always with a beaming smile. She would always ask about my well-being and I would always tell her that I was just fine. Though we’ve never had any serious conversation, I knew in my heart that she cared for me.

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Weekend Stories: It’s All Good

Last weekend was quite hectic but super fun. On Saturday, I did a special assignment in the office in the morning before attending the much-anticipated Blogapalooza event at Fully Booked Boni High in the afternoon. The former made me a bit tired but good thing the later brought back my energy with its festive atmosphere and cool surprises. Plus, I got to see a lot of my old and new blogger friends again.

When dinnertime came, I met up with the fiancee and we enjoyed Filipino food. Saturday was also the eve of our monthsary and so we stayed at this awesome hotel that lay in the heart of Manila. We wanted to jog the next morning (Sunday) but we weren’t able to do so because we woke up late. To make up for this, we decided to walk our way to our respective houses after checking out of the hotel.

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Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

In an effort to lose weight, I now try to cut back my intake of sweets. Some of the sweet treats that I keep myself away from are chocolates, cakes, pastries, candies, donuts, and ice cream. I think I’m making progress because I can now control my cravings better. Today is a little bit different, though, as I’m badly craving for this:

Yellow Cab’s Pistachio Ice Cream

This pint of yummy pistachio ice cream from Yellow Cab comes in a cute canister. The price is a little expensive at P100 but you are rest assured that it’s packed with flavors and milk-creaminess not all ice creams have. I like that it’s not too sweet and doesn’t melt too easily. If I could have it my way, I’d make the pistachio nuts in this ice cream bigger and more plentiful. I’m a big pistachio nut fan, you know.

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Lusting Over PS3

It’s the fiancee, not me. I can’t remember the exact time he said he wanted one but I think it’s been months already. I know he can afford to get himself the gadget but there are priorities that need to be prioritized. Like his car and house mortgages. That’s what I’ve been telling him and that’s what’s keeping him from realizing his PS3 dream.

If I were filthy rich or just well-moneyed, I’d gift him with a brand spanking new PS3. But I’m just an ordinary girl trying to make ends meet. All I can buy him for now are new shirts, CDs, USB flash drives, Cell phone accessories or dinners. Hopefully, when I get that one job I’m so aspiring for, his lusting-over-PS3 days will be over.

In the meantime, I guess he has to make-do with his PSP and playing games online. 🙂