My Happiness

A woman’s mood is very much like the weather. It’s unpredictable yet still controllable. I, myself, experience different moods every single day. Sometimes I’m ecstatic, sometimes I’m depressed. Sometimes I’m excited, sometimes I’m bored. Sometimes I’m productive, sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I feel like talking to my husband for hours, sometimes I prefer to be quiet and alone.

When I’m happy (like I am today!), my mind is filled with happy thoughts. Most of the time, these happy thoughts make me grateful and calm and joyous. I enjoy these combined feelings and prolong them as much as I can. Because I know that they’re temporary and about to change sooner or later.

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New Job and First Day Stress

Just to be clear, it’s not me who’s just landed a new job but my sister. Actually, today is her first day at work. I dunno with you, but every time my siblings take on a new adventure (be it anything), I’m the one who feels the stress or anxiety or pressure or excitement or whatever feeling you could associate with it. I feel as if I were the mother. It must be because, as the eldest child, I treat my siblings as my own children.

You see, my sister lost her job (she used to work as a retail assistant for Globe) a month or so ago. One morning after that misfortune, another misfortune happened. She accidentally hit her head in the restroom and got a big bump in her forehead which prevented her from looking for a new job for weeks. When she was finally able to apply for a job, she fortunately got one fast. And I couldn’t stop thanking God for the blessing.

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Positive Vibes

I just realized that there are tons of things that make me happy. Well, actually, it’s our choice to be happy. We may be presented with people, things or events that could bring happiness to us but if we wouldn’t look at it as such, happiness would elude us. I guess it’s all a matter of having positive attitude and spreading positive vibes.

For my own interest and satisfaction, allow me to share the following things that make me happy at present:

1. a loving husband
2. a caring family and an equally caring in-laws
3. a problem and trouble-free job
4. reading books
5. chatting with friends on FB
6. sharing photos and interacting with friends on Instagram
7. eating healthy
8. going to the gym with friends who value health and fitness as much (or sometimes as little, haha) as I do
9. blog hopping
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New Life

Our wedding was a success, and as solemn and meaningful as we wished for it to be…thank God! All the hard work that we put into it paid off. And I can’t thank enough all the people who helped made our dream wedding come true. Just thinking about all of them and their contributions to our wedding can make my tear ducts go on overdrive any moment. Thank you so so very much from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

with my loving husband E (photo taken by our good friend Ronelle)

My new life as a wife has just started. I can’t wait for the many challenges, adventures and milestones that I’m going to have. I know it’s not gonna be easy and smooth-sailing all the time, but I’ll see to it to keep the faith and work hard to make things work. This is a blessing from God. I really wished for this to happen and so I’m gonna take good care of this gift.

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My Best Friend is Now a Lawyer!

When the results of the 2011 Philippine Bar Examinations were released yesterday afternoon, I was one of the thousands, if not millions, of people who were very anxious about it. Why not if your best friend is one of the hopefuls whose lives are about to change either for the better or for worse? So, wait I did and boy, was I in for a big surprise! My best friend passed the bar exams and is now a proud lawyer!

I am very happy for and proud of my best friend Leah Abello de Guzman. Her sacrifices and hard work definitely paid off. I’m sure her family, especially her parents, are very happy for and proud of her as well. And I bet there’s gonna be a big celebration, too! I wish I could be part of it, but she’s in the province and I’m here in the city. Bummer.

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God Wants You to be Happy!

I have always believed that happiness is a choice. No matter how miserable you think you are, you can still choose to be happy. No matter how bad the situation may be, you can always choose to react differently and take things lightly.

The past months, I have observed how God tested my faith. I wished for a lot of things but only gained a handful. Or so I thought. Recently, I have been amazed by the little blessings coming my way. I didn’t recognize them at first. But eventually I realized they were indeed blessings showered upon me by the good and gracious one above.

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