Birthday Weekend

The hubby and I celebrated my birthday last Saturday simply and quietly. I was expecting for a surprise from him but he didn’t have any. Haha. He failed me this time, but it’s no big deal. He just told me to get something for myself when we went to the mall on my exact birthday and paid for it. So, what did I buy? No, I didn’t get the military challenge coin online I saw last month that would have started my dream coin collection. Instead, I got two things: the dress and the pair of shoes I had been eyeing for weeks. Yes, I finally have them now. Good things really happen to those who wait.

blue casual dress and houndstooth flats

If it was a red velvet cake for the hubby for his birthday, this time I made myself a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. I got the recipe from a friend’s blog and the cake turned out to be good, but not good enough for me. The crust broke when I sliced it (I overdid the sugar) and the cake itself wasn’t as smooth as I’d liked it to be. (Yes, I think I really need to get an electric mixer soon.) The taste was fantastic, though. The canned blueberry filling I bought from the supermarket wasn’t too sweet which I thought was a good thing as it balanced out the flavors of the cake.


The hubby and I took a leave from work on Monday because the next day was a holiday. We had a long weekend and spent most of it at home. We also had a trip to Coastal Mall on Monday afternoon for some bargain shopping, but that’s for another post.

All in all, my birthday was as fun and meaningful as I wanted it to be. I didn’t spend a lot but I sure had a blast. A lot of my friends greeted me through my social media accounts and my family also made sure I feel loved and valued on my special day. I really can’t ask for more. Thank you dear God for the blessing of another year and for the gift of family and friends!

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