It’s All About Contentment

So far, so good. If you’d ask me how’s my life been going these days, that will be my exact answer. I am just happy that blessings continue to come way and that less problems are popping up in my life.

I have a job that pays well. It may not be so secure, but at least it never fails to teach me to be appreciative of each day in the workplace. There may be other similar jobs out there that pay more, but the satisfaction I get from my job wouldn’t compare with any of them. I just want a fulfilling but stress-free job and the job I have right now definitely fits the bill.

But this doesn’t mean I’d stop aiming for a better job with a better pay. My career goals still include getting this elusive job opportunity from an international organization. I won’t stop applying, okay. I believe that my time will soon come.

As for my family life and my love life, everything’s going well. I make it a point to spend quality time with these people and create happy memories with them that will last me a lifetime. Next year is gonna be very exciting for all of us, that’s for sure.

I have very simple dreams (except for my travel-related wishes). I try to be content with what I have and work hard for anything that I want to get or achieve. I believe that contentment is one of the keys to real happiness.

One can choose to be content with life. One can choose to be happy about life. If one is content, he could easily find happiness around him.

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