Some Food and Dieting Thoughts

This year, I’ve been cooking less and less. There are several reasons for that. When at my in-laws’ place, my MIL reigns in the kitchen and because she’s a great cook, I’m more than willing to eat and enjoy whatever magic she whips up with her hands. When in our marital home in Bacoor, I usually stay late in bed and before I know it, it’s past lunch time and the hubby is screaming in hunger already (well, not really screaming but you get the point). On some weekends, also in Bacoor, I just get too lazy to cook that I would resort to take-out/delivery for us to survive a meal time.

When I started the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet (CAD), I thought I’d be able to cook more. But sooner than later, I realized the diet wasn’t for me. Why? Because it seems I’m more of a moderator than an abstainer. (So yes, no more comprehensive review of CAD on this blog; consider this paragraph a brief review instead.) In fairness to this diet, I was able to lose 8 lbs. (from 144 to 136) in just a month and so far, I’ve been maintaining my new weight. You could say I was successful with the diet and that’s right. I just can’t commit to it for a long time. So, thank you very much CAD for giving me a good start in my weight loss journey but I’m moving on.

At present, I just eat in moderation. While I still indulge in my list of comfort food, I now try to be wiser with my food choices. I wish I could abstain from red meat and soda like what I did before but it’s impossible now. I can only limit my red meat and soda intake by reminding myself that ingesting too much of those could lead to kidney stones. I had yet another kidney stone scare when my SIL got rushed to the ER early this month because of it. When she told us of the unbearable pain she experienced, I knew right then and there the hubby and I had to modify our eating habits.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about eating more superfoods. I’m sure we’re all familiar with them as they come in many forms: fruits, veggies, seafood, grains, and spices. Speaking of spices, there are many kinds that do the body well, but the one that you should keep an eye out for would be the superfood turmeric. I heard a lot of health benefits from this yellow spice. Like how it could help prevent arthritis, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

As my eating and dieting continue, I know I’ll encounter new food varieties and diet methods. Some will work for me and others won’t. But one thing remains constant — my quest for a healthy and fit me. It’s going to be a tough challenge but as they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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  1. Ang sarap kasi talagang kumain. Pero whenever I feel I’m gaining weight (wala akong weighing scale, pakiramdaman lang hehe!), I eat a light dinner for a week and drink lots of water. I think kaya mo naman imaintain kasi nagja-jog kayo ni hubby 🙂

    1. Malakas pala ang pakiramdam mo, Jackie. Hehe. Ako naman nagwe-weigh sa office every morning, naging habit ko na yun. Weekdays nako-control ko pa, pero pag weekends na, ayun, takaw mode ulit. True, drinking lots of water helps. 🙂

  2. I struggle with dieting! I know that working out (regardless of regularity) is not enough but…ang sarap kasi talaga kumain??? Cravings ang kalaban ko! I did read that mint tea is good for curving cravings so…I’ll test that one out. Pero congrats for losing those 8 lbs!

    1. Thanks, Dani! When it comes to dieting, name it, I’ve tried it! And usually, naglu-lose naman ako ng weight so effective din sila. Interesting discovery about mint tea! You know what, when I was into CAD, I never felt hungry because my insulin release was regulated. It was just my mind that would ask me to eat. That’s why I would recommend CAD to those who would want that no-hunger-at-all feeling. Kaso yun nga lang, like you madami ako food cravings kaya di kami talaga swak ni CAD! 🙂

  3. I’m an abstainer. Successful ako dati sa GM Diet pero ngayon mataba na naman ako. Sarap sarap talaga kumain lalo na pag stressed. Pampasaya at pamapakalma ko talaga ang pagkain. Pero magdadiet na ako BUKAS. Haha. Try ko ang CAD.

  4. If I’m craving for something, I eat it. But I drink water first to see if that would kill that craving. Some fitness addicts give advice of “no carb diet” but I still love my white rice and potatoes every week. It’s all about moderation, discipline and how active lifestyle you have when it comes to dieting. And lessen your sugar and salt intake, too.

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