Weekend Story: Biking, High School Reunion, and Some Family Time

Last weekend passed by so quickly. I thought we didn’t have enough time to rest and be with family. But I guess that’s one great reason to look forward to the coming weekend. Yay!

On Saturday, the hubby and I biked at Mall of Asia (MOA) in the morning. I missed our Saturday morning ride for a few times already and I thought it was about time I join him again lest my biking groove goes away for good. My weight loss progress remains zero as of present time so I need to exert more effort in it. Biking is a form of exercise and I enjoy the activity a lot so I feel that I should do it more regularly.

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Weekend Story: Quiet Family Time + Evia Lifestyle Center

Weekends are for family and friends. In our case, it’s been more with family in the past months. Families are forever, after all. And they’re one of the very few constant entities in our ever-changing world. Last weekend was spent with family as Mame and my younger sister Jodie joined us in Bacoor.

On Saturday morning, the hubby biked at Mall of Asia while I did a 10km combination of running, jogging, and brisk walking in our ‘hood. As much as I missed staying late in bed, I couldn’t allow myself to put on more weight. A gain of 10 lbs. in just a span of two months is unjustifiable. I need to lose weight for health and vanity reasons! 😛

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More Time with Family

After I got married, I have to admit I had less time to spend with my family. With family, I mean my parents and my three siblings. When I was still single, I used to be a homebody who spent most of my time with them. When the hubby came into my life, I had to share some of my time with him also.

It’s a good thing I have a husband who understands my need to check on my family, especially my parents, from time to time. It’s a good thing also that we live near them, well, technically. My in-laws’ place in Manila (where we stay at least twice or thrice a week) and my parents’ place are just a few steps away from each other.

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Family Bonding Time

Last Wednesday night, I had a fun time bonding with my mom, my brother and my two sisters. We went to SM Manila to have dinner together. The restaurant was Kebabers and I’m still thinking if I’ll write a review of it or not. The Persian food they served us was ordinary and I found the servings small and the price quite expensive for a fast food.


Anyway, right after dinner, my sister and I headed to our fave nail salon called Buff Spa to get a pedicure. This one I’m gonna write a review about because I’ve always been delighted by their service. One day when I have the time and some pictures, I guess.

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