Food Trip Plans

If there’s one thing that’s a good conversation starter, it would be food. Don’t you just get amazed how people instantly create a connection simply by talking about the common food they like or the specific food they tasted somewhere? Food as a topic never ceases to draw attention, inspire, and even tickle our senses.

Do you eat to live or you live to eat? This is one question that gets to be asked to many people. I think I’m more of the latter. I enjoy eating food, discovering new dining places, trying out new dishes and exploring new cuisines. Sometimes I even research about a particular cuisine to better understand its characteristics, distinctive flavors and natural tastes.

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My Affinity for Asian Cuisines

I just came from a dinner with friends at Crustasia located inside Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. It was a heavy dinner and I got too full after. Perhaps, it’s the reason why I’m still awake at this odd hour. Our host ordered a lot of food and we just couldn’t stop eating because everything tasted good. The restaurant, by the way, specializes in three Asian cuisines: Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.

My affinity for Asian cuisines started fairly recently. I just found out one day that there are some Asian dishes that I enjoy eating, crave for regularly and wanna learn to cook at home. These dishes include Bibimbap, Katsudon, Pad Thai, Siomai, Chicken Curry, Dumplings, Tom Yum Soup, California Maki, Wanton Noodle Soup, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Yang Chow Fried Rice, among others. What I love about Asian cuisines are its diversity, great tastes, familiar flavors, uniqueness, and innovativeness. It’s funny but whenever the fiancee and I would dine out, I’d always ask him to eat at an Asian-themed restaurant serving some or most of these food.

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A Quick Binondo Visit

Yesterday morning, the fiancee and I took a quick trip to Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown) to buy some pin lights for his Cavite house. Instead of bringing the car, we rode in his motorcycle to avoid road traffic and for better movement within the Chinatown complex. We found ourselves on Tomas Mapua St. which was lined with stores selling light fixtures of all kinds, shapes and sizes. We ended up buying a dozen pin lights from this store with a triumphant-sounding name, Success Lightings.

After our pin light shopping, I asked the fiancee to grab a bite at Dong Bei Dumpling. They’re famous among tourists and locals alike for their yummy steamed dumplings. It was our first time and we were impressed because our dumplings were made right on the spot. We also ordered fried rice and a noodle soup to go with our dumplings. Everything was good. And quite affordable, too.

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On Food and Food Trips

If there’s one thing I love doing the most aside from sleeping, that would be eating. I find joy in eating. I find pleasure in the company of food. I get a sense of freedom just by tasting various dishes. I remember I used to eat a lot when I was growing up. Now that I’m a grown up, I know I can’t eat a lot anymore. My metabolism is slower now which means I gain pounds easily. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating good food, whether using my own money or thru food treats I get from friends every now and then.

You can say that I also love food trips, too. Travel plus food equals happiness in my book. When I say food trip, the food doesn’t have to be expensive and the trip doesn’t have to be far, either. It could be anywhere, so long as my feet and my tummy can take me there. My two recent memorable food trips (King Chef Fine Dining and Casa Roces), for instance, took place in the metro. When it comes to good food, I’m always ready to go.

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#001: 10 Things to Be Thankful for Last Week

With the busy life that I lead, I know I tend to forget appreciating the blessings coming my way. I also tend to forget thanking the one above for each and every little grace I receive. Okay, I guess I’m starting to feel guilty now. To appease my inner (and kinder) self, I have decided to blog about the 10 things I should be thankful for last week. Yes, last week and not this week because it isn’t over yet. Last week as the time period to be considered is safer because I can definitely enumerate the things that made me happy in that week, though it’s gonna be in no particular order.

I hope this becomes a weekly thing for this blog. Just like what I’ve been seeing in some other blogs I’ve been blog hopping on. I won’t promise though lest I fail myself. Without further a do, here they are:

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