Disciplined Eating

Once again, I have started to get serious about my weight loss. I tried disciplined eating last weekend and it seemed to have worked. I lost a pound in two days. I plan to continue this and hope to see greater results this week.

What is disciplined eating? I define it as watching what I eat and adhering to a diet plan strictly. The process entails a lot of discipline and hence, the name. I dunno but I just woke up one day and told myself that I need to get back into shape. I want to go back to the body that I’m comfortable with.

By comfortable, I don’t mean a skinny body. I have never dreamt of that. I just want a healthy figure, with some muscles here and some fats there. I have noticed that my unmindful eating has been the culprit in my weight gains in the past. To correct the problem, I have decided to resort to disciplined eating and am now waiting to reap the results of my continued efforts.

Any thoughts on disciplined eating?

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