My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Fourth Session)

After a two-week delay, I finally got my fourth IPL laser underarm hair removal treatment from La Estetica-Tomas Morato branch. As I still had two vouchers left and both are expiring this month, I thought of giving the other voucher to my sister J. We went to the clinic yesterday afternoon and we were finished in no time.

So far, I have observed that my underarms now have less and finer hair. My underarm hair used to be on the thick side, you know. They may be far from being hairless, but I can say I’m quite satisfied with the changes. I plan to buy new IPL vouchers but will choose a different clinic because I want to get more laser clicks. While my first IPL session from a different beauty clinic gave me several clicks per underarms, La Estetica during my second, third and fourth session only gave me four clicks each. As with most of you, I also want to get full value for my money.

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Penchant for Pearl Earrings

When I’m not looking for a new necklace, I’m getting myself a new pair of pearl earrings. I’ve always had a penchant for pearl earrings. They’re elegant, classy and easy to match with different clothes. Whenever I wear a pair of pearl earrings on my ears, I feel feminine and powerful. I dunno but there is something about pearls that never fails to leave me in awe.

my latest pearl earrings acquisition

So far, I think I have a dozen pair of pearl earrings in different colors and designs. It doesn’t matter if it’s genuine or faux pearls, so long as it’s of good quality, I’m into it. It doesn’t have to be plain pearls, either. The pearl could be encased in metals, enclosed by studs or attached to chains. Sometimes, a little imagination can go a long way.

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My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Third Session)

I just had my third IPL session this afternoon. The treatment went so fast I felt like I stayed at La Estetica-Tomas Morato for less than 10 minutes only. This time, they shaved my underarm hair first and put some gel on both underarms before doing the laser thingy. It was also the first time I tried counting the number of times they would apply the laser to my underarms. Can you believe each underarm only had four IPL hits? That’s why it was that fast!

To be honest, I haven’t seen any decrease in my underarm hair a month after my second IPL session. It’s like nothing has changed at all. I still have two IPL sessions left with La Estetica so I don’t wanna lose hope this early. Perhaps, I’m just expecting more because of the favorable results of my first IPL session with a different beauty clinic where right after a few days, I noticed some parts of my underarms became hair-free already.

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Air 21’s Personalized Service

I am starting to like Air 21’s shipping service. They’re quite efficient and deliver on time. Recently, I’ve been receiving some packages from friends shipped via Air 21. I guess it’s the way they do their service that satisfies me as a client.


First, I get an SMS notifying me of my package’s arrival. A tracking number is provided. There is also a date indicated in the text as well as a customer service hotline to call for any concerns I might have. Another text arrives reminding me about my package and requesting my presence or that of my authorized representative to receive it. After I have received the package, I get another SMS reporting that my package has arrived and the name of the person who actually received it.

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My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Second Session)

One month after my first IPL laser underarm hair removal at White Beauty Face and Body Center, I went to La Estetica for my second session on this treatment. I called up their clinic prior to my visit but I was informed that I could just come as a walk-in client. I still have three sessions left with them and I can’t wait to complete the five-session treatment I set for myself.


For my second session, I visited La Estetica’s Tomas Morato branch. After communicating with the receptionist as to the purpose of my visit, I filled up a patient form and was eventually ushered to the treatment room. I was amazed by how fast their service was there.

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Warts Removal at Cavite Skin Clinic

After getting two recommendations from two different friends for this good skin clinic in Imus, Cavite, I finally decided to go there for my warts removal. I even tagged my mom along as she was actually the one who needed it the most.

The name of the clinic was Cavite Skin Clinic. It lies along Aguinaldo Highway near the PLDT Office and the toll bridge pointing to the road going to Imus Town Proper. It is quite easy to locate. If you’re from Manila and commuting, ride a bus plying the Imus-Dasmariñas routes. The clinic is on the left side and across it is a 7-Eleven Store.[UPDATE: clinic is now situated beside the 7-Eleven store]

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